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Guitar Trainer by Anniterra


Carrying a full-size guitar around isn't the ideal way to practice on the go.

With Anniterra Digital Guitar Trainer, you can hone your skills, whenever and wherever!

Chord Mastery

With six strings, six frets, and a built in chord trainer, you can practice finger placements just as if you had a real guitar. Quickly build finger dexterity and muscle memory.

Realistic Steel Strings

Anniterra was designed to mimic the feel of a real guitar, so the use of steel strings was a must. You will build up your calluses over time with Anniterra, which makes playing easier and much less painful!

Ultra Functional

Anniterra has over 400 different built-in chords, including major, minor, augmented, and diminished. The rotatable screen allows you to adjust the angle of the screen, so that you can easily see it from a natural seated or standing position.

Lightweight and Portable

At only 11.2 inches collapsed, Anniterra can easily fit inside your pocket or a small bag. This is the perfect trainer for travel, or for getting a quick practice session in without carrying a full-size guitar.


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